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Local Theremin Virtuosso Blazes New Ground; If there’s one thing that Xing Paths (CD) demonstrates as a whole, it’s that Ong isn’t a one-trick pony.” ~ Rated ‘A’ by Chris Lim, Entertainment Correspondent, the Business Times Singapore, 1 may 2009

“This Australian born Singaporean cutting-edge show designer and master class lecturer is at the forefront of the global progressive music scene. But despite the imposing credentials, Shueh-li Ong is just a ‘curious bugger at heart’ with her eyes on the scale and feet firmly on the ground.” ~ LaTrobe University Australia feature profile  feb 09

“No Barriers – The international Synth Pop of Xenovibes; What do you get when you mix synthesizers, theremins, traditional folk instruments and electronic drums with a multitalented, multicultural, classically trained keyboardist (with a degree in electronic music) and a New York jazz drummer? The answer is Xenovibes.” ~ M Levine, Exec Editor/Senior Media Producer, Electronic Musician magazine Interview , feb 2008

“I really enjoyed your responses! One of the most thorough interviews I’ve received so far and I learned a lot from it!” ~ J Hughes, editor, UsaProgMusic interivew nov 2007

“Shueh-li, it was our honor and pleasure to have both you and John at EtherMusicFest08. Wonderful music and great people is always a fun combination. Thanks for working with us and for supporting the theremin. You are a great role model for many aspiring thereminists and musicians.” ~ Mike Adams, President MoogMusic may 2007

“Music From Another Land (CD) …is very well produced! It’s not uncommon to hear albums by thereminists that master divinely the instrument but are simply not able to produce themselves.
This is not the case of Shueh-li who really ‘plays’ the studio like a musical instrument itself. Shueh-li  is an inspired artist with a solid background who has brought fresh ideas in the theremin field…” ~ V Saggini, ThereminVox interview may 2007 (Italy)

“I felt like I was in New York or Chicago…the energy and want of the crowd because the performance was so addictive and interesting.
This was one of the first events I’ve experienced in Singapore over the past 6 years that engaged a respect firstly for its cutting edge contemporary artistic exploration, and secondly a parallel high entertainment. Shueh-li is a truly amazing talent; informed, professional, warm, diverse, exciting, inspiring.” ~ Arts Monthly (Australia) june 2004

“Sophisticated pop that fuses Eastern and Western music influences into a seamless whole ..that only an exceptional talent can pull off.
Music From Another Land (CD) is more than techno pop flash, more than New Age noodling, and more than music from the Far East; it is not to be missed.”~ G Morris, Evolution of Media USA

“(Shueh-li) crafts textures, moods and sonicscapes. (She) sees herself as one of the myriad results of the experiments in the long-term history of new music.” ~ The Straits Times, Singapore.

“Only a few people were literally able to handle the instrument as far as composition and music making were concerned. Important players and composers of the Theremin are Russian Lydia Kavina … and Australian born Singapore artist Shueh-li.” ~ Germany, dec 2004

“Shueh-li is a key member of our artistic community. She is prominently known for an art form distinguished by an innovative confluence of her ethnic and electronic background.” ~ P Samuels, National Arts Council, Singapore.

“Singapore’s 1st & only Diva of the Theremin; Shueh-li is producer, performer, concert administrator and artist all rolled into one. But for want of a better description, the Australian-trained sound artist is actually a professional music technologist.” ~ Tan Shzr Ee, Arts Correspondent, ‘The Straits Times’ Singapore, 2004

“How about a hand for hands-free electronic music; Ong held her ‘pop’ concert last year to rave reviews!” ~ David Chew, TODAY Singapore, June 2005

the SHOW :

“Moogfest07… Xenovibes, hailing from Singapore with all of their electric glamour. Put yourself in a discotec, but this time without the DJ spinning. The synth techniques were astounding and really was a great way to open the show to a techno groove.” ~ J Hughes, UsaProgmusic sept 2007

“I enjoyed your set EtherMusicFest and look forward to more!”~ Russ Berger, consultant for design of recording studios and theatre spaces. april 2008

“Way to move the crowd at the end of EtherMusicFest!”~ David Hamilton, musician-engineer for MoogFoundation albums. may 2008

“Your performance on the theremin was spell-binding – other-worldly, but it made this world a better place.” ~ Miles Kupa, Australian High Commissioner to Singapore (Return to Singapore tour june 2008)

“Your performance was absolutely spectacular; a real tour de force!” ~ Prof John Taplin, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) Adelaide University (Return to Singapore tour june 2008)

“It was like taking a musical LSD trip with erotic undertones!” ~ H Mills; Eisemann Ctr 2005

“The DVD (concert premiere 2004) is very cool and has very high musicality. Looking forward to your new activities.”~ T Watanabe, Yamaha Corp JAPAN

“I loved your show!” ~ J Baker, Prod Mgr, State Fair of Texas 07 /Glenn Smith Presents

“I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude of your amazing performance. The programme was astounding…we had a record-breaking attendance of 4,380 (people).” ~ Dallas Museum of Art, USA, jan 2005

“You’ve inspired me to take my theremin out of the closet!” ~ Randy, Palace Ttre USA 2005

the MUSIC :

“I just wanted to say I really enjoy your music, it is not often I come across something that is totally different from most of what I have heard before…, I really can’t say you sound like anyone. I have been peripherally involved in music since the mid 60’s in England … I (did) a bit of work for Todd Rundgren on his Patronet project.
I really was very pleasantly surprised by your music; it prompted me to purchase Good Vibrations. You made a great version of a pivotal piece of music!” ~ Mike Brunt, Hermosa Beach, CA (jan 08)

“The music shows very eclectic influences (reminds me of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s ‘Neo-Geo’ concept) and sounds really progressive. Their version of ‘Lovers’ Tears’ (Trk 3 Music From Another Land CD) has something that others I heard don’t have – a respect for the original tune…it captures the mood without being derivative. ‘Lover’s Tears’ is one of my favorite tunes. Their version has no heartbroken female singing to wring your heart but surprisingly, it achieves the same effect! I love it. I can listen to it the whole day!” ~ Boon aka Recordmymind (jan 09)

“The album (Xing Paths); so immediately appealing, is a sterling effort that sets a new benchmark for Xenovibes, and a showcase for making sophisticated music accessible to a mainstream audience.” ~ musicgoondu, 1 may 2009

“Their work may very well represent the future direction of music; both the electronic instrumentation and the international flavor. It would be great to see them get a movie soundtrack project in addition to their live shows and albums.” ~ Roger Blackmar, TX (aug 08) who bought a DVD and 2nd CD.

“The world needs more Good Vibrations (Trk 11 from Xing Paths CD) and these are some of the best. Creative, artistic use of technology is a beautiful thing, especially when it is this well done.” ~ Chris Stack, MoogMusic oct 2007

“(Music From Another Land CD) what appealed to me most was indeed the combination of acoustic and electronic instrumen; in this combination, lies a true originality.” ~ G Van Waes, ‘Radio Psyche Van het Folk’ BELGIUM

“I particularly like the 1st CD… but the 2nd is equally as interesting with high quality production values & the very best creative forces brought together … the studio production is really top notch!” ~ Geoff Street, senior projects consultant for agency involved in arts management.

“I usually find that when people combine world instruments with pop music, the result is hardly listenable. Shueh-li has managed to combine many styles and instruments to create something very accessible to pop music fans. Reminds me of Basia.” ~ A Frye, Producer (Charlie Pride) USA

“(Music from another Land CD) is excellent..more musically interesting than a lot of electronic music I have heard, holds my attention! Yours is Real music!” ~ J Joseph secretary of the UK Youlan Qin Society LDN (bought multiple copies of CDs & DVD)

“(Shueh-li’s Xenovibes CD) unique, driving electronica.” ~ P Kirn,

“(Music From Another Land CD) was like nothing I’ve ever heard before. I found it to be a deep, rich and well recorded CD. I’ve heard many songs that used the Theremin before, but none incorporated into the flavor of music that you have produced. First day ( I received it) I listened to it probably 5 times in a row!” ~ James Brohard USA (found Xenovibes through the Moog site)

“Isn’t It Strange’ (Trk 3 Shueh-li’s Xenovibes CD) is great for anyone who has been in one of those explosive love affairs… These violent delights have violent ends, And in their triumph die, like fire and powder, Which as they kiss, consume; Friar Laurence, Romeo and Juliet.” ~ Buddy Craigg

“(Xenovibes) is in the top 2% of bands with videos on Sonicbids, good enough for representation; rates 8/10” ~ J Cooper CND (vocal coach for Lover Boys, White Snake, Courtney Love).

Xenovibes the Concert-Lecture Performance
including talks/appearances by Shueh-li

“Dear Shuehli, It was great to have you as our speaker at Monday’s Lunch Meeting! Your presentation found very tense interest and I have never seen those lunchers forgetting to eat and fighting to play the theremin. Take this as a compliment!” ~ Wolfdietrich E Goettel, President, Rotary Club Queenstown Singapore (june 2008)

“Shuehli – Thanks for the concert. Based on the comments, our students really enjoyed the treat. They were talking about it after school and for some who missed it, they were saying they wished they could have been there.” ~ H Lewis, Keller High School USA

“Wow! What an awesome program. It was a musical and cultural experience for our students that rivals the programs sent around the country in the 1930s.
What our students were exposed to yesterday is cutting edge music with the best technology available to musicians today. On behalf of my students, thank you so very much. It was a wonderful, unique, and exciting experience for me and my students.” ~ Sincerely, David Clemmons KHS

“Dear Xenovibes, the show was awesome. I’ve never heard something like that.” ~ High School Student USA

“The event was possibly one of the best ones I’ve ever seen. Thanks a lot. Xenovibes music inspires me to make more music video based on their music.” ~ High School Student USA

“To whom it concerns, in my opinion the xenovibes were SWEET! They were something new and unique. I liked it very much. I wish they could do more but sadly they had to stop. If they had a concert I would go to it!” ~ High School Student USA

“I truly enjoyed the performance. Their style of music was different and something new. I would definitely go see them somewhere else. Thank you for this opportunity.” ~ High School Student USA